Mini Challenge Round 4 Brand Hatch

Race one i found myself in the lead and nerves set in has Nigel chased me down i was literately shaking. Good old door to door bumper to bumper racing with me and Nigel swapping places numerous times. Carl not far behind and numbnuts chasing the field back down the pressure got to me and with a slight incident i was 3rd with nuts all over me………hummm we really should start using numbnuts real name. Finished 4th but what a race, action packed.

Race two was a different story got off to a decent start and found myself chasing Steve down, not sure what lap it was but i punted him off and was gutted for him. Feeling sick as a dog i decided to black flag myself for the race and pitted to put myself at the back of the field. Steve being the gentleman that he is put it down to a race incident while he never noticed anything wrong i certainly did and the replay shows it. once again i apologise for the punt and can only thank you for understanding Steve.

Well done Nigel on the wins.

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