Mini Challenge Round 4 Brand Hatch

Race one i found myself in the lead and nerves set in has Nigel chased me down i was literately shaking. Good old door to door bumper to bumper racing with me and Nigel swapping places numerous times. Carl not far behind and numbnuts chasing the field back down the pressure got to me and with a slight incident i was 3rd with nuts all over me………hummm we really should start using numbnuts real name. Finished 4th but what a race, action packed.

Race two was a different story got off to a decent start and found myself chasing Steve down, not sure what lap it was but i punted him off and was gutted for him. Feeling sick as a dog i decided to black flag myself for the race and pitted to put myself at the back of the field. Steve being the gentleman that he is put it down to a race incident while he never noticed anything wrong i certainly did and the replay shows it. once again i apologise for the punt and can only thank you for understanding Steve.

Well done Nigel on the wins.

Mini Challenge Round 3

Halfway through the series and problems for Motorhead_51 with lobby issues knocking him out of the round. Aldy also took a back seat which was a shame, it would have been nice to see how the up and coming rookie took to the Japanese track.

Another 1-2 for Numbnuts showing us how it’s done with Carl hot on his heels and CokeBloke not far behind. A three way battle developed in the 2nd race just goe’s to show how close the racing can get at GBRC.

Next round at Brands Hatch a tricky circuit with patience being needed to make it around in one piece.

Mini challenge round 1

What a start to the series, 13 drivers kicked off the championship in style. All getting around the opening corner on one piece was a site to behold. The beginning was a battle for position, then the field soon got into a rhythm. Places was hard fought all the way through the field. The shinning driver of the evening was Andy (aldy) who has shown determination and most improved so far. The biggest upset was Steve (fido) who normally is leading the way suffered technical problems. Leading to numbnuts to end up getting a clean sweep followed closely by Carl and Nigel. So onto round 2 at lago centreĀ II a short track that can bite you if you pushed too hard.

New website to log results

I have always wanted to have a go at web building and thought it was about time i started to learn. With the official GBRC series starting 27/1/2019 i thought this would be a good place to practise by posting the Mini Challenge results to see if i could create a data base of all official races.